High Sensitivity and Introversion

'Growing up sensitive means growing up feeling everything all the time'
Do you have the genetic trait of HIGH SENSITIVITY that occurs in about 20% of our culture?

As HSP's we often grow up feeling that something is inherently wrong with us and learning to hide or mask our unique sensitivity, our intuition, our wisdom and our creativity.

Do you have the  genetic trait of INTROVERSION?

A tendency to turn inward?
Think things through deeply?
Listen carefully before speaking?
A nervous system designed to react to subtleties and slow to recover from intense stimuli?

I have studied and shared with my clients the best tools that I have found - helping those with the traits of HIGH SENSITIVITY (HSP) and/or INTROVERSION to understand, trust and stay anchored to their deepest truth.

We are complex, amazingly creative and powerfully resilient human beings.

It is time to stop feeling disconnected, stop trying to fix ourselves and instead make choices that move with rather than against our sensitive nervous system.
To learn to see these genetic traits as powerful strengths that need to be nourished, honored and valued.


HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Traits Include :

Lack of Boundaries
Open and Receptive
Acutely Aware
See the big picture
Depth of Processing
Emotional Intensity
Highly Creative
Strong Values
Other Focused
Easily Overstimulated
Often not in touch with their own needs or desires

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