Your Energy Field


Everyone is a healer and everyone possesses incredible creativity and wisdom when it comes to their own healing.

In order to tap into this wisdom, it is necessary to open our spiritual channels and communicate consciously with those inner parts of ourselves.

Different Pathways of Working with the Energy Field

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) - 
A powerful, widely researched method to address and heal trauma and deep emotional wounds.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - A gentle yet effective technique and self help tool that can dissolve energetic blocks so we are no longer controlled by negative thoughts and emotions. It can promote relaxation by shifting the stress response in our nervous system.

Matrix Reimprinting - An amazingly effective modality that neutralizes and transforms negative, emotionally charged memories, discharging trauma and bringing about major shifts in your core beliefs.

Energy Balancing - The aura is the energy field surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body. There are seven layers of vibration each with a particular function and each correlating with one of the seven chakras. This system holds sensations, emotions, thoughts, memories and other nonphysical experiences. This process focuses on releasing any old stucknesses in order to allow a free flow of your own life-force energy. This can be done in connection with any bodywork session.

Reiki - Reiki is a form of healing touch that transmits and directs energy of a high frequency to places in a person that need support. Some clients describe the experience as warm and nurturing, deeply relaxing and contributing to a sense of peace and wholeness. A Reiki session may include aura and chakra balancing, which invites harmony and equal energy flow to each of the seven energy centers of the body.

Deeksha - Connecting with the universal lifeforce energy that is always available to us, this is the energy of oneness, unconditional love and causeless joy. This can also be a part of any bodywork session.

Intuitive Energy Readings - Through a collaborative process we explore the wisdom of your inner healing imagery, looking at blockages in your energy field as they relate to life choices, relationships and any subject which may be challenging you. It is possible to gain insight, clarity and body understanding of that which needs to be released and that which needs to be embodied.

These specific healing pathways focus on the 'essence' of who you are.
Energy work can be intuitive, subtle and nontraditional yet often very profound.
Based on conversations that we have before our session begins, we will decide what modality or combination of modalities will best address your needs.

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